Aligned Interests

Pramena is a local partner that enrolls in long term relationships with its investors. On the buy side, our deals are structured to ensure win-win situations.

Renowned local expertise

Pramena’s main focus is the French real estate market in which the team has been operating since the early 2000s. The team has a complete knowledge of the practices, trends and players of this market. We strongly believe that this focus is the main reason behind the success of our investments.

An asset-orientated mindset

Smart investments need management strategies that are close to both the asset and the users. Our approach is always based on the goal of creating a positive impact.

Trust as a foundation

We believe that every successful relation is based on mutual trust, thus we build all our commitments on it. Trust is the central value of the relations with our investors as well as with the different parties of our projects.                    

An entrepreneurial mindset

One of the main traits shared by our team is the entrepreneurial mindset that guides our actions. This mindset allows us to adapt quickly and to find creative and smart solutions in order to create value in our investments.